Pnei System and Menopause


Menopause is the physiological case that occurs in a woman who is at the end of her menstruation cycle and childbearing age. During menopause the ovarian activity ends: the ovaries no longer produce follicles and estrogens (main female hormones).

This state causes a number of changes in women regarding trophic, metabolic, sexual and emotional aspects, with a series of manifestations (symptoms) which change from person to person and may be more or less stressed; but not all are connected to menopause itself, since other factors, such as family and social context, may have influence.

The PNEI SYSTEM method is an innovative therapeutic strategy that starts from the healing of the “symptom” for which the patient sees the PNEI System doctor for an intensive therapy in the conventional sense (through the use of both academic conventional therapies and homotoxicology and low dose therapy) which is also associated to other critical aspects of health restoration such as nutrition (alkaline and biological) and physical activity (optimization of posture, a key element for health).

Further more patients are taught simple and innovative strategies to reach boosted emotional states which will allow them to drastically change negative psychological states with beneficial effects on quality of life (emotions, work, profession) together with the belief that it is possible to be healed.